Guida per visita guidata verona, borghetto, valle del mincio

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Home Borghetto and the Mincio's Valley

Borghetto and the Mincio's valley



The river Mincio is the unique effluent of the Garda Lake and in the past by the side of the it there were a lot of prehistoric towns of the Bronze Age. The place where now there is the little village called Borghetto was an importand bridge for the popolation who led the region such as Scaligeri Family and Visconti Family.
There were a lot of wars around the Mincio's Valley such as "risorgimental" war. Nowadays it offers beautiful landscapes and unforgettable views.

During this tour we'll visit:

  • the Scaligero castle with its suggestive part called "Rocca"
  • the medieval village called Borghetto, close to river Mincio, with its water mills built by patrician families
  • the fortress-bridge of the Viscontis called "Ponte Lungo" (1393)
  • the S. Marco's church with its old cemetary