Guida per visita guidata verona, borghetto, valle del mincio

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Verona's churches


You can enrich your tour visiting some of the wonderful churches of Verona:

  • S. ZENO,  wonderful romanesque church  (IV c. a.C. / XII c. a.C.)
  • S. BERNARDINO, built in the 1451, with its church, cloisters and a marvelous library with frescoes by Domenico Morone;
  • S. ANASTASIA,  a gothic basilica (XIII c. a.C.), the biggest church of Verona
  • THE CATHEDRAL  (IV c. a.C. - VIII c. a.C.)
  • S. ELENA (813) e S. GIOVANNI IN FONTE (VIII c. a.C.)
  • Crossing the river Adige there are:
  • S. STEFANO (V c. a.C.)
  • S. MARIA IN ORGANO  (XIV-XV c. a.C.),
  • S. GIOVANNI IN VALLE (XIII c. a.C. and its old Christian cemetery)
  • S. NAZARO E CELSO (1460), with its S. Biagio's chapel (1488)